Michael Civin – Proving the Stigma Wrong

Michael A. CivinWhen a stigma is put on a particular occupational field, it can be difficult to overcome. It can also prevent the people that need that occupational field for their own betterment from finding the help they need. Over the years, there have been many viral stories in regards to the behavioural health field. Everything from shock treatments to inhumane facilities, these stories can make it difficult to provide treatment for people in need because it demeans the practices themselves. Contrary to what a lot of these stories imply, the mental health field is a vital one to human growth especially in a complicated world where the status quo is ever changing.

Michael Civin has dedicated his life to helping people via the behavioral health field and believes in the work that he is doing. By removing the mystery, one can then see that psychology is simply a means to help people understand themselves better and there in understand the world better. This helps these individuals to learn better reactions to different stimuli in healthier ways than previously. Michael Civin proves these stigmas wrong daily with the work he does with services including but not limited to appointments, preventative care, medical care as well as ongoing patient care. Don’t let the stigma convince you to stay stagnant. If you are looking to better yourself or looking for help handling an emotional or mental issue, reach out to a professional like Michael Civin and get the help you need to grow as an individual.