Michael Civin Received His A.B. From Harvard College

Michael A. Civin

There is so much that the field of psychology can tell us about ourselves and about one another. It is a vital field that is too often dismissed instead of understood. This is because although it is a science, it is often an inexact one. Psychology isn’t a talent you are born with a natural proclivity for, either, it is a field of study which requires many years of formal education and on-the-job experience. Being able to practice as a psychologist is a lifelong ambition which can only be fulfilled once a person has been properly educated. Michael Civin attended a number of high profile universities during the course of his educational background. Michael Civin is today a psychologist who is licensed to practice in New York State.

Michael Civin’s higher education began in earnest when he received his A.B. from Harvard College in 1968. He then attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He left that institution after only a year and went to the University of Oregon, obtaining his Masters of Arts degree in 1970. In 1986, he received another Masters of Arts degree from Adelphi University. He graduated from the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Psychological Studies, which was also where he earned his Ph.D. in 1988. It was 1993 when he was able to receive his Postdoctoral Certification in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy, again from the same program.

Michael Civin runs a private practice for patients based out of Astoria, Bayville, and Manhattan. This private practice has been in operation since 2007. Michael Civin practices in psychodiagnostics, group, adolescent, adult, and supervision psychology. Michael Civin in 2008 co-founded a company called Rose Hill Psychological Services. This is a New York City-based firm where he serves as a senior psychologist.